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  • Organization of landscape construction

    In landscape construction at large and small constructions; all require the construction party to provide a plan to organize the construction of the landscape. The plan for organizing the construction of a landscape is a file describing almost all steps of construction execution (gathering time, completion time, personnel, prerequisite requirements …). It helps the general contractor, the relevant construction units can work together and assist in the construction process without being planted.

    The plan to organize the execution of the construction is the backbone of the formulation of the plan for construction of landscape works. In order to have a good plan, it is necessary to have supporting documents.

    Reference documents to execute construction plan:

    – Criteria for technical guidance on planting trees (Including plants according to detailed drawings)

    – Plant and landscape maintenance techniques according to state standards; combined with the requirements of the investor and the implementation company

    – Approved landscape design drawings.

    – The order of construction is closely linked to the required progress of the project.